Saturday, 29 June 2013

Snake Swallowed A Goat In Abuja

Make A Call While Driving And Be Jailed - FRSC Warns

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) has announced a newly adopted strategy that would ensure that any person caught using the mobile phone while driving, would no longer be fined but immediately taken to court and jailed.

Corp Marshal, FRSC, Mr. Osita Chidoka said other offences like speed driving, dangerous overtaking and overloading would equally attract court action instead of the usual fines.

The FRSC boss, who was speaking at a news conference in Abuja, said these new measures are part of a newly launched campaign to reduce the increased spate of road crashes in the country.

Commercial bus drivers are now expected to install speed limit devices in their vehicles so they henceforth should not exceed 100km per hour.

National President of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) however admitted that some drivers are guilty of the aforementioned road accident causing crimes.

The FRSC says it is partnering with several organizations including oil companies to fulfill its promise to make Nigerian roads one of the safest in the world by the year 2020.

Friday, 28 June 2013

PSquare Donate N5m For OJB's Kidney Transplant

Lets keep it up guys, this is good news...!
God bless you guys.

2013/2014 Admissions Exercise Screening of First Choice Most Preferred UTME Candidates for Admission

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33 Killed In Fresh Plateau Clashes

No fewer than 33 persons have been killed in the renewed violence between the Fulani and indigenous Taroh communities of Langtang South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Among the dead were said to be students sitting for the 2013 National Examination Council.

A local pastor of the Church of Christ in Nations,   Rev. Nandip Miri, told our correspondent on the telephone he lost his father and brother in the attack.

Fighting was said to have been raging in the restive Plateau south for the past 48 hours as the indigenes of Bolgang, Magama and Karkashi districts of Langtang South  battle some invaders suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

Our correspondent gathered that  24 people were killed in Magama, while nine others were killed in Bolgang.

Eyewitness said many of the areas had been deserted as the attackers followed fleeing residents on motorcycles as they fled their villages.

Miri, who is the Chairman of Provisional Church Council of Nigeria said the death toll might be higher as corpses of those killed, while fleeing, still littered the road and the bush.

He said, “We cannot know the actual number of people who lost their lives as we are still picking dead bodies from the bush.

“The attackers followed the victims on motorcycles and were killing them mercilessly as they tried to escape. So many dead bodies were found in the bush and more may still be found later.”

Senator representing Plateau South, Mr. Victor Lar, called for restraint and advised the people to remain calm.

Police Commissioner, Mr. Chris Olakpe, told our correspondent that he had yet to get the details of the incident.

Confirming the incident to our correspondent  in Jos on the telephone on Thursday, the Management Committee Chairman of Langtang South Local Government Council Mr. Narman Darko, said 33 persons were killed in the three villages that were invaded by suspected herdsmen.

Darko gave the breakdown as follows, Magama 24; Bolgan, seven and two people were killed in Magama and Karkashi, adding that over 100 houses were burnt by the suspected Fulani attackers.

He said, he had informed the Special Task Force of the attack, adding that they had moved their men to prevent further destruction of lives and property in the area.

Mikel's Goal Against Uruguay Among The Best In Confederations Cup

Fortaleza, Brazil John Obi Mikel’s goal in Nigeria’s 2-1 loss to Uruguay in Salvador during the Group B tie, has been listed among the best goal of the ongoing Fifa Confederations Cup in Brazil.

According to renowed Brazil’s TV channel, TV Sports, the Nigerian international joins the exclusive list of goal scorers that have left their mark at the ongoing FIFA Confederations Cup in the South American nation, after the interesting team link up play exhibited by Mikel and Brown Ideye enroute to the goal.

Interestingly, Spain’s Jordi Alba’s opener iagainst Nigeria on Sunday at the Estadio Castaelo, Fortaleza also made the list. Other goals nominated for the goal of the tournament includes Neymars wonderful free kick goal against Italy, Uruagyay’s winner against Nigeria by Diego Forlan ,are some of the goals still enjoying review on Brazil’s TV Sports channel.

An Apology Letter From Men To Women

Dear Women,

First of all, we're sorry. We're sorry that although we look like men, we often act like boys. We're not even sure what it means to be men anymore. As we grow up, we learn that to be happy is to be self-indulgent and self-centered. We try to make enough money so that we can have the right TV with the right video games in the right home. We want to date you and maybe even marry you but we are scared to focus on someone else instead of ourselves. Isn't it sad that we see committing to you as a potential threat to our happiness instead of a wonderful opportunity?

Here's what we don't understand: True happiness comes from being true men. We think and act like boys who don't want their toys taken away. We look up to "role models" in the media who teach us to get as much gratification out of life as possible. We may claim to be spiritual, or even firm atheists, but pleasure is the god that we worship, whether we realize it or not. Unfortunately, women tend to be just another part of our hedonistic lifestyle. Please know this: True men won't treat you like an irritating obstacle or a intimate convenience.

A real man understands that women are to be cherished and treated with care and honor. He sees marriage as the opportunity to be a real-life superhero—he leaves behind his old identity and becomes a new person, dedicated to serving his wife and children. Although he will struggle at first, a true man who marries eventually understands that he can't fit through the narrow doorway to happiness if he tries to carry all of his toys with him. There is just enough room for him and his wife, arm in arm, committed to their marriage.

Women, you can help us become real men! Most importantly, we want to feel admired by you. Help us to know that you love us just as we are, even if there is room for improvement. Do this by giving us words of validation; praise us for the things we do well. This means more to us than we let on.

In return, we will make sure that you feel loved and cherished by us. We will learn to talk with you so you can be heard and understood, not so that we can tell you how to solve your problems. We'll also try to learn to express how we feel without withdrawing or getting angry. With polished communication we can learn that what makes you happy makes us happy too! What a concept!

Once again, we're sorry. We are to blame, even though good male role models are hard to find these days. We've ignored our calling to become true men and instead act like we're in high school for as long as we can. Please trust that we are capable of more than this.

If you are frustrated with the man in your life, do your best to forgive him and start fresh. After a while, if it's clear that he will not become a real man, leave him. You deserve better.

A healthy relationship will make everyone involved feel happy. When we are happy, we are capable of living meaningful and fulfilling lives alongside one another. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we journey onward to find happiness and become real men.


Oil Discovered In Lagos

By Clara Nwachukwu
LAGOS—Nigeria’s commercial capital, LAGOS, is on the verge of joining the country’s oil-producing states with the discovery of crude oil in commercial quantities in the coastal state.
Yesterday, Afren Plc and its partner, Lekoil Limited, announced significant oil discovery offshore Dahomey Basin in Lagos, according to the London Stock Exchange.

In separate announcements, the partners said they discovered a significant light oil accumulation based on the results of drilling and wire line logs from a high impact Ogo-1 well, located on the Oil Prospecting Licence, OPL 310 offshore Nigeria.
Afren is optimistic that the discovery is likely to be significantly higher than the anticipated 78 million barrels of oil equivalent (mmboe), which encourages search to further high potential zones.
The discovery is subject to the authentication of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), which is expected in two weeks.
If certified and the partners produce the first barrel of oil, Lagos will become the 11th oil producing state in Nigeria, a club Anambra State joined recently. It will also boost the economy of Lagos, which currently generates about N29 billion internally every month.
The other oil producing states are Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta, Ondo, Abia, Imo, Edo and Cross River.
Geological studies indicate that the Dahomey Basin is a combination of inland/coastal/offshore basin that cuts across some West African countries including Lagos, Nigeria as well as Southeastern Ghana, Togo and the Republic of Benin.
The basin is said to be separated from the Niger Delta by a surface basement popularly called the Okitipupa Ridge.
“The Ogo-1 well has been drilled to a total measured depth of 10,518 ft (10,402 ft true vertical depth sub sea), and has encountered a gross hydrocarbon section of 524 ft, with 216 ft of net stacked pay.
“The well was targeting 78 mmboe of gross P50 prospective resources, but based on evidence to date, targeted resources are likely to be significantly in excess of previous estimates,” Afren said in a statement made available to Vanguard.
The company added that “further evaluation using wire line log analysis is currently underway prior to extending the well to a total measured depth of 11,800 ft (11,684 ft true vertical depth sub sea) to target further high potential zones.”
DPR yet to authenticate discovery
However, speaking with Vanguard on phone, the DPR said authentication of the discovery could only come after side-tracking (ST) verifications.

OPL 310—Map showing the location of OPL 310 , along the Dahomey Basin.
A top management source in the upstream unit of the regulatory agency, said: “As far as we are concerned, the discovery for now is very speculative. The side track will indicate whether the resource they have found is actually crude, and this verification takes about two weeks. Thereafter, the company will communicate the tracking result to us, after which we will certify the discovery.”
Partners plan side track
Ahead of the planned ST, Afren expressed confidence that estimated reserves of about 124 mmboe have a better than 50 per cent, P50, chance of being technically and economically producible.
“Partners intend to drill a planned side-track, Ogo-1 ST, which will test a new play of stratigraphically trapped sediments that pinch-out onto the basement high targeting 124 mmboe of gross P50 prospective resources,” it confirmed in the statement.
Commenting, the Chief Executive of Afren, Mr. Osman Shahenshah, said: “The discovery of oil in the Ogo-1 well opens up a new oil basin in an under-explored region and represents a possible extension of the West African Transform Margin.
“Based on evidence to date, targeted resources are likely to be significantly in excess of previous estimates, with some high-potential zones still to be drilled. We look forward to working with our partners to realise the full potential of Ogo 1 and our additional prospects on the licence.
“The Ogo-1 exploration success follows a series of recent discoveries, Okoro Field Extension, Ebok North Fault Block and Okwok in Nigeria and Simrit-2 and Simrit-3 on the Ain Sifni Block in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.”
On his part, Lekoil CEO, Mr. Lekan Akinyanmi, said: “The discovery of oil in the Ogo-1 well opens up a new oil basin in an under-explored region and represents a possible extension of the Cretaceous play along the West African Transform Margin. The discovery is a clear validation of Lekoil’s technical analysis and of our extensive studies on the Dahomey Basin.
“Results to date indicate that the discovered resources could be significantly in excess of P50 estimates prior to drilling. While Lekoil notes these results are preliminary, we believe there exists substantial scope for upward revisions to the data announced today (Wednesday) as drilling and interpretation continues.
“We look forward to working with our partners to realise the full potential of Ogo and the additional prospects on the licence.”